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Body Wallet Credit Card, Passport and for ipod, iphone, Blackberry


I used that [bodywallet wrist] wristband for the half marathon today and it was great! Fit two gels in it and it was also used for sweat clean-up. :) Katie D

I can't thank-you enough for the wrist and iphone wallets. I love them so much already! Last night I used the waterresisant case from my wrist and filled it with chapstick, my car key, and cash and put that along with my Blackberry into the iphone carrier and ran the race. I was so glad I had all of those things with me while I raced. Richelle L

Beach - waterproofed


I love the body wallet. It’s a versatile, convenient and tough companion on any workout. I've used it to hold everything from lip balm to my ipod nano, from lifting weights to boot camp to interval and hill runs (make sure you put your ipod in the water resistant insert, then into the wallet if you plan on really sweating). I have comfortably worn it on my wrist, above my bicep and just below my knee, to the point that I forget its there. This is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to travel light but still carry some basic essentials.  May Y



I recently travelled to Europe to coach hockey and took a body wallet passport along. I have travelled with money belts and neck pouches but always found them cumbersome. The body wallet was just the opposite. I wore it everyday I went out, to the store, on ice at practices and coaching on the bench. I was never comfortable leaving money and especially my passport in a dressing room and I had the security of having it on me at all times. I often carried extra cash and my credit cards "on my leg" as well just to be out of site and mind. It is simple, easy to use and after the first day, I didn't notice I had it on. It is perfect for the traveler and the sport enthusiast. I highly recommend it.  Bob C


Thanks again for letting me test your body wallet out on my trip to Bali. It's really coming in handy everywhere from the long flight over to traveling around Bali. I don't have to worry about my wallet falling out of my bag or leaving it somewhere or someone "borrowing" it from me. I also like that it doesn't look like a typical money belt where one might have their money or passport. And let's not forget comfortable. It's all good!  Kim G


I wore the body wallet daily during our 3 week trip to Ireland. After the first five minutes each day I would forget I was wearing it. I packed 2 passports, extra credit card and emergency euros into a ziplock bag (to make the insert waterproof) and tucked it into the black sleeve part. Every night everything was exactly as I had organized it in the morning. Thanks for the peace of mind Maloc Design!  Duncan S

Night Out


The body wallet is perfect for traveling across the globe or around your block! An alternative to traditional wallets the body wallet is an advanced style of money belt. This high security travel wallet offers peace of mind, while being low profile sleek and stylish. Underneath clothing, no one knows where the secure travel wallet is and if it’s exposed it looks like a tensor bandage. Most importantly your arms and legs are always moving so your essential items like your passport, credit cards, and cash become a very hard target to pick pocket.

Whether it’s daily activity like walking the dog, dancing at a club or just wanting to be hands free of a purse,  body wallet users love that they can carry their essentials easily and discreetly. And by placing a waterproof ziplock bag over the insert you can change the body wallet from water resistant to waterproof, ideal for swimming at the beach! It's also great as a sports wallet or passport wallet during school trips

Maloc Day Pack

It was with absolute pleasure that I traveled Peru with your backpack! What a brilliant concept and a valuable tool for the traveler! It was comforting knowing that I didn't need a set of eyes in the back of my head to maintain secure, all the items I needed to carry with me. There were times, on this trip, where everything I relied on for my own safe passage through the country and my own security, was all contained in that very pack. It was at those times that I confidently walked through the country, knowing that the contents were inaccessible to anyone but myself.  Laurie Z. Machu Picchu Peru

I have been an avid all-weather commuter cyclist for over 20 years. Over that time I’ve refined what I use to make my getting around easier and that takes into account more than just the bike I’m on. I’ve gone through quite a few backpacks in that time and my Maloc backpack is a real treat for several reasons. First is the matter of it’s comfort. The padded straps are both comfortable and easy to adjust. With just one arm I can both loosen or tighten my shoulder or waist straps without skipping a beat or being a yoga master. The pack never slips or slides on me but I don’t feel like I’m trussed up either. The fact the pack is so lightweight makes a huge difference as well. When I’m carry a lighter load I barely notice my Maloc’s even on my back. More than a few of my past backpacks where so heavy just on their own because of the materials they choose to make them out of. Maloc didn’t cheap out in providing me with durability and lightweight all wrapped together.This brings me to durability. It’s weather resistant material means I never worry if it’s raining or snowing. What’s inside stays dry and that’s important to me. I commonly carry both a change of clothes and various art supplies and I never have to worry about a damp pad of sketch paper when I’m en route to work. The material is also a snap to clean, both inside and out since it doesn’t soak up moisture. Most packs have zippers that close on the top or the front and this is a spot rain can sneak through in most packs. With my Maloc’s zippers  at the back it makes it even extra secure against the elements. Finally there’s the matter of capacity. The amount I can pack in my Maloc is great. Be it my lunch, change of clothes, work materials, bike tools, etc I have yet to feel I’ve stuffed it yet. And the removable inside compartments allow me to customize it’s capacity on a day to day basis. I’ve even used it as a sizeable airplane carry on being that it’s both durable and malleable making it is easy to tuck away. For a daily commuting all-weather all-season pack it really has been all I need and nothing I don’t.  Shawn F. Calgary Canada

It fits under the seat in front of you! It's secure, which is a big plus. It's easy and comfortable to wear. I like the clean dangling straps and exterior baggage to get hung up in crowds or other cramped quarters. I think you are on to something!  Sonia E. Paris France