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Maloc Design is proud to be Canadian and is proud to support Canadian manufacturing and textiles. We do our best to source the best product in Canada and if we can’t find it here then we look to the United States and then off the continent. We choose to do this because we believe that supporting the economy that buys our stuff is important.

Costing and Pricing
It costs more to produce product in Canada, approximately 2-3x the cost for materials and 10-15x for the cost of labour when compared to producing in China, Korea or Vietnam. This is a choice Maloc Design has made at this time and we do understand this choice directly affects the cost of the product to the consumer. However, this is the cost of supporting the local economy and the cost of manufacturing unique, thoughtfully designed, hand crafted, high-quality products in smaller quantities. We hope you enjoy your purchase as much as we had designing and manufacturing it.

Comparative Cost Analysis
New York Times Article by Eric Wilson Front Row Why Does This Pair of Pants Cost $550?